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Using the format below, provide information on each reference assignment for which your firm / entity, either individually as a corporate entity or as one of the major companies within an association, was legally contracted
Name of the Employer  and Employee Qualification Experience
Nimesh P Patel B.E. Civil (Structure) 15 yrs.
Divyakant A Patel M.E. Civil (Structure) 15 yrs.
Arvind G Desai B.E. Civil, M.E. (PH) 40 yrs.
Amrutbhai S Patel Geologist 32 yrs.
Nilesh Shah M.E. Civil 4 yrs.
Ajay K Patel B.E. Civil 22 yrs.
Naresh Patel B.E. Civil 7 yrs.
Pravinbhai S Patel D.E. Civil 18 yrs.
Nikul J Patel D.E. Civil 9 yrs.
Rohit G Patel D.E. Civil 8 yrs.
Pratik Patel D.E. Civil 3 yrs.
Jayesh Patel D.E.Civil 3 yrs.
Ravi Prajapati D.E.Civil 2 yrs.
Kamlesh Patel D.E.Civil 2 yrs.
Jagul Patel D.E. Civil 2 yrs.
Nikesh Patel D.E. Civil 1 yrs.
Anil Patel B.Arch 8 yrs.
Pulkit Patel B.Arch 8 yrs.
Bhavesh N Prajapati Civil Draftsmen 4 yrs.
Satish Thakor Civil Draftsmen 2 yrs.
Jatin L. Patel B.E. Electrical 5 yrs.
Jayantibhai Prajapati Electrician 15 yrs.
Devang P. Patel B.A. 11 yrs.
Jignesha V Darji B.Com 4 yrs.
Nilam K Darji BBA 1 yrs.
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